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19 February 2019

Sympozium Citylab

Participatory Solutions for Sustainable Cities

The City of Mersin as an Information Sharing Model in Participatory Design

Dr. Ekim Tan | Play the City | Play the City founder, architect, urban designer, game developer
Dr. Nida Naycı | MEU | Mersin University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture, Assoc. Dr.
Frank Alsema | City maker, Buiksloterham, Netherlands

The panel session emphasized the importance of participation in the development of sustainable cities. Nida Nayci from Mersin CityLab explained the historical process of Muftu River and its immediate surroundings. She started by explaining the ecological potentials and how to evaluate the process with the participatory approach despite the urban pressure in Mersin.

Dr. Ekim Tan, who brings together experts and urban design proposals with an innovative participatory design method for the MersinLab gave examples of the development process in the cities where urban game method was used. Tan further gave information about the first city game session in the development of Mersin Citylab.

Co Creating Circular Cities, How to design Hackable City

Frank Alsema as an active expert in the creation of circular city and entrepreneurship; lectured on the design of Buiksloterham Lab's collective development process, the role of urban actors in this process, the importance of recyclable materials as a person who has adopted a sustainable lifestyle, and the design of his own residence, which is designed to be completely carbon sensitive.

Climate Change and Urban Water Management

Ömer Erdal Bilici |  Mersin Metropolitan Municipality
Savaş Arslan | DSI 67th Branch Office
Irene Poortinga | Water management expert, Amsterdam Rainproof program manager

Mersin Flood and Climate Change

Ömer Erdal Bilici gave information about the changing rainfall regimes and the effects of drought on the water levels in Mersin and the rivers. The results of the survey, which was prepared by the municipality as a climatic view of flood disaster on 29 December 2016, were presented with the synoptic maps obtained from the General Directorate of Meteorology, radar images and meteorological data.

Muftu River and Urban Transformation

Savaş Arslan explained the flood problems in Müftü River and the measures taken by Develet Su Isleri -DSİin relation to these flood problems, expropriation of the buildings in the flood area during the urban transformation, how the approach distance will be evaluated together with the river bed. Additional Artslan shared details about the planned dam within the scope of DSI's investment.

Amsterdam Rainproof Approach

Using the Rainproof approach as a network strategy to connect and activate all stakeholders who could contribute to a more flexible city, Irene Poortinga covered different users of the city, illustrating the collection and evaluation of rainwater in many areas of the city and the methods used to win a rain-proof city.

Sustainable Mobility in the Future of Cities

How can we create bicycle friendly cities?

Arzu Erturan  | Sokak Bizim Derneği, Mimar Sinan University Res.
Erman Topgül | Sokak Bizim Derneği, Sociologist
Özlem Özgür Arıkan | Cycling Activist, Member of Çitta, Pharmacist

As ‘Street is Ours’ [Sokak Bizim] Association, Arzu Erturan and Erman Topgül shared knowledge and experience about the campaigns and projects they created with creative and participatory methods aiming to put people into action in integrating the use of bicycles into urban life. Public spaces, street culture, pedestrian and bicycle transportation were mentioned as the most important working areas in creating a liveable city. Ozgur Ozgur Arikan is a bicycle activist who uses her daily life as a cyclist in Mersin. Arikan talked about awareness studies and the effects of bicycle use as a pharmacist on urban and individual health.