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20 February 2019

Game Session #2

Sustainable Mobility

Focus on introduction of cycling and further pedestrianization in Toroslar 


Dr. Yasemin Sarıkaya Levent and Sokak Bizim Association


Toroslar Municipality: Gökçen Özdemir, Ayça Sergen, Nermin Özdemir
Icel College Students
Frank Alsema | developer of Buiksterham CityLab
Irene Poortinga | Rainproof, Amsterdam; water management expert
Dr. Yasemin Sarıkaya Levent
Arzu Erturan
Erman Topgül |
Dr. Ekim Tan | Play The City
Semih Dede | Landscape Architect  

Representative roles

MEÜ Department of Architecture 4th Class Architectural Design Studio students (neighborhood resident, owner of the workplace, working in Roman Basket Knitting Workshop, with the role of bicycle user)
Dr. Nida Naycı (role of investor and contractor)
Dr. H.Oya Saf (role of the excavation team)

Game Process

The purpose of the game session was to provide suggestions by evaluating the challenges encountered during the bike tour use these observations as input for the planning of the site as a field of integrated sustainable transportation. During the game session, the user profiles were navigated on how they spent their time and moments through the neighborhood. In this context, the suggestions of pedestrians and bicycles in Toroslar  for the synthesis of the views of the participants and experts are listed below:

In order to facilitate cooperation with students, the establishment of a bicycle club in connection with the education units and carrying out various campaigns and projects as ‘Bike Train’ on Street 7609 to reach local primary schools in order to raise awareness through this partnership on a certain period of time

A local Mobility Festival within the scope of ‘Europen Mobility Week ’

A bike rental point or bicycle stop suggestion related to the bus station to the south of the area (considering the transportation of the students of the Icel College to the school)

Design and implementation of city furniture in cooperation with Mersin College Students, Mersin University Design Society and Roman Basket Knitting Workshop

A bicycle café for citizens a bicycle repair shop with a small operation associated with the cafe

Use of bicycles as a means of transportation in order to remove insecurity on both sides of the river

Designing bridges in a way that bicycle and pedestrian users can use simultaneously

Setting an alternative route during urban regeneration on specific days to close the river edge to vehicle transport and to encourage more rear areas of the river to use motor vehicles

Slowing vehicle traffic around the Yumuktepe Mound

At the end of the gaming session, it was aimed to make the studies carried out with the input received by different stakeholders and experts, where the bicycle routes could pass and the suggestions to take steps to make the neighborhood bicycle-friendly.