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21 February 2019

City Game Iteration - Local Economy and Urban Transformation

Second iteration of the game will research the chances for a strong local economy based on demographic composition in neighborhoods along the Muftu River. Mersin university’s architecture department started a multidisciplinary design studio where architects, urban designers, permaculture, urban economists and water management experts engage actively in this phase. This design studio is directly involved in all game iterations as well as tactical workshops. For this round, they research and visualize loops of community skills and potential local economic activities such as basket weaving of Roma community, pottery-making atelier for design of Yumuktepe souvenirs, jewelry design workshop, historic values such the mound, and the green-blue potential of the river and the neighborhood. Good practices will be visited such as the 'Women’s Producer Market' which serve locally-sourced and produced food every weekend in the open market along the Mezitli River.

Using input on local economy, this game session focuses on questions as: How to make tangible cultural, economic and spatial values of migration? Can we go beyond technocratic understandings of the circular cities mainly looking into flows of energy, water and materials? We see this edition of the game an important chapter of the Circular Manifesto contributing to a new dimension for Circular Development debate in the Netherlands. Integrating input from former and this game iteration, 30 architectural design students will be able to work on an alternative urban redevelopment model to that of the mainstream, profit-oriented urban transformation.