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[Mediamatic + University of Mersin + Willem Velthoven + Prof.Dr. Mehmet Ali Mazmancı + Dr. Mutlu Yalvaçishe]

Mediamatic together with CITTA [Çukurova Society for People, Seed, Earth Ateliers] will be demonstrating a working aquaponics model. They will be teaming up with a local gardener and fish farmer to transmit their knowledge on building and maintaining of the aquaponics. The aquaponics system positively reinforces urban agricultural efforts, as it’s designed based of a symbiotic relation between aquaculture [raising of aquatic animals] and hydroponics [cultivating plants in water]. We are researching possibility of introducing the fish species living in Muftu River as well as the reanimation of the prehistoric seeds from the Yumuktepe Mound for this pilot. This workshop should demonstrate the power of circular design that not only connects material flows, but also revives and preserves traditional knowledge systems and bio-resources.

Willem Velthoven from Mediamatic is a sustainable innovation expert. His work encompasses creating installations that combine organic and technological systems which improve everyday lives of residents and the local ecosystems. Prof.Dr. Mehmet Ali Mazmancı, microbiologist and fungal biotechnologist from Mersin University will contribute with his work focused on biotechnology, microbiology, reuse methods of wastewater and solid wastes. Joining Saro and Mehmet will be Dr. Mutlu Yalvaçis, the University’s environmental engineer focused on waste management, wastewater treatment systems, agricultural chemicals in aquatic ecosystems.