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Buiksloterham Stadslab

Frank Alsema; 

Stadslab Buiksloterham is a platform to organize all initiatives,  and together with stakeholders develop a social and cultural agenda for its area and thus increase the (self-) organizing capacity of Circulair Buiksloterham.

Buiksloterham (BSH) is a former industrial area adjoint to a business park in Amsterdam North that is being transformed into a mixed living/working.

The Citylab emerged as an alternative to large development with the encouragement of bottom-up experiments, research, culture, and innovation. As a platform to connect all stakeholders in the area to collaborate in city making, BSH Stadslab became crucial in the development of a plan for a Circular Buiksloterham.

CityLab Buiksloterham has been using city gaming to facilitate knowledge exchange and required partnerships through since 2014. Various stakeholders joined the initiative — local builders, commercial developers, departments of the city of Amsterdam [Ruimte & Duurzaamheid, City Technology Office and Grond & Ontwikkeling], Waternet, international experts during the Isocarp 2014, project managers of the city of Amsterdam [Project Management Bureau]. Today, the Citylab Buiksloterham continues to host game sessions in their location since 2014.

In Mersin, Frank Alsema, the former placemaker of BSH Stadslab, will introduce the Citylab concept alongside the game session to facilitate the establishment of Mersin Citylab.