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City of Amsterdam | Rainproof

Irene Poortinga;

Rainproof is a platform for sharing ideas, initiatives and information on rainproofing the city. It connects like minded Amsterdammers with their ideas, products, stories, services or other contributions to making their space rainproof, be that their house, street or neighbourhood.

Amsterdam Rainproof’s goal is to make Amsterdam resistant to the increasingly common downpours. In fact, they want to make better use of the free rainwater that is now being drained. Heavy rains cause damage, especially because the city is becoming more impermeable with buildings, asphalt and tiled gardens - there is no water percolation.

In Mersin, Irene Poortinga will develop an workshop alongside Hudaverdi Aslan, Mehmet Ali Mazmancı, Mehmet Ali Kurt [NN2] [Mersin University] to run circular water strategies workshop with city officials, national water company DSI, and community members.