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Irene Poortinga

Rainproof Muftu; City of Amsterdam | Rainproof;

Irene is a water manager. She studied Environmental Science and the Master of Science ‘Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management’. She always has been fascinated with water.  Her main focus is on water quantity issues.

Irene works as a community manager for the program Amsterdam Rainproof. She uses a network strategy to connect and activate all stakeholders that can contribute to creating a city that is more resilient. Considering that rain falls everywhere – on streets, squares, rooftops - making the city cloudburst-resilient is a process that involves everyone. The networkof Amsterdam Rainproof consist of numerous people: residents, property owners, civil servants, entrepreneurs, housing corporations, insurers and so on. Irene shares knowledge and information, refers and connects people and initiates and supports projects. Together we make the city rainproof. Every drop counts.