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Willem Velthoven; 

Mediamatic is an international network hub located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They work in the intersection of art, design and science and experiment with how this merge is used in new (living) materials. This is especially true with their work with unconventional material such as piss, bacteria and fungi, in which they challenge the senses and perceptions of people. All these processes are based on sustainable principles with an aim to contribute to a circular economy.

Mediamatic organises lectures to further discover and learn how art, design and science merge and we look at how our senses, such as taste and smell, influence our emotions and associations. One of the projects is Aquaponics, in which they cultivate plants and fish together, in a closed system that pumps water from the fish tank through the grow beds. The excrements of the fish serve as a fertilizer and the plants filter the water returning to the fish tank. It is a sustainable system and perfect for growing food in the city as it hardly takes up any space and wastes very little water. The vegetables (and sometimes fish) from the Aquaponics greenhouse are used in their restaurant Mediamatic ETEN.

In Mersin, Willem Velthoven, from Mediamatic, will be joined by Prof.Dr. Mehmet Ali Mazmancı, microbiologist and fungal biotechnologist from Mersin University, and Dr. Mutlu Yalvaçishe, the University’s environmental engineer focused on waste management, in developing an aquaponic pilot system.