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Nida Nayci

Mersin University; City Game; Mersin Citylab;

Nida Naycı graduated from METU (Middle East Technical University) with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. She has a master and PhD degrees from the Graduate Program in Conservation in METU. She has been involved in number of projects regarding sustainability of historic environments, ecological based-planning approaches in sensitive environments and participatory approaches in site management studies. In addition, she has executed many studies related to the Muftu River and its surroundings as a basis to Mersin CityLab's  first subject of circular city life. Currently, she is giving lectures as an Associate Professor of Architecture at Faculty of Architecture in Mersin University.

As an information sharing model in participatory design, Naycı will manage the overall coordination of the Toroslar CityLab and the effective cooperation process between the stakeholders. She will also support the development of city games led by the Play the City team.