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Ekim Tan; Txell Blanco;  Sofia Arrias Bittencourt;

Play the City is a global practice that supports public and private parties on large scale development projects through city gaming. The method stems from the doctoral work of Ekim Tan conducted at the Delft University of Technology.

They are a multidisciplinary team of technologists, designers and social scientists with an international outlook. The company embraces an approach at the intersection of practice and research, which allows them to undertake a large range of projects from theoretical research to pragmatic applications. Play the City builds games for tackling urgent questions such as climate adaptation, circular economy, migration, affordable housing.

The game format provides a platform for idea and knowledge exchange between different areas and subjects, with the purpose of developing innovative solutions that are based on collaborative decision-making processes. It also allows for experts, politicians, citizens and all other interested parties to discuss complex issues equally, through the translation of abstract concepts into game dynamics and pieces. The use of role playing also allows individual issues to be put in perspective and to reflect on the other parties’ positioning and interests in the process.

In Mersin, Play the City, alongside Mersin University partners, will develop the gaming method that will facilitate the conversation between stakeholders to develop Mersin Citylab and its initiatives.