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Txell Blanco 

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Born in  Barcelona, Txell Blanco completed a Bachelor's in interior design at the Escola Massana, where she was particularly driven by the social aspect of design. To keep learning in an international context she relocated to the Netherlands. At the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture her work focused on questioning the boundaries that define an “interior” and in the process learned about cities and the way we relate with the public. She obtained a Master's of Architecture with honors with a project that ironically was not a building, but a market square in a sprawl.

She co-founded a collective of active neighbors and artists called “The Outsiders” six years ago. That creates dynamic public spaces and engages citizens to take an active role in exploring the identity of their territory, with a focus on culture, food and the built environment. They also experiment with methods for civic design, placemaking and building improvisation.

In Mersin, she is involved in graphically developing the game alongside Mersin University partner to facilitate the setup of  Mersin Citylab.