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Urban Agriculture & Circular Food

Urban agriculture and local food supply is one of the important subjects in Mersin since there are still agricultural lands within the newly developed areas especially in northern sections along the Muftu River. Gardening activities in private houses is a common aspect in the city since climate is very helpful in production of edible vegetables and flowers. It is possible to see chickens, goats in their courtyards.  Roof terraces in many houses are utilized as extensions of kitchens for small scale fruit production, drying of vegetables, seasonable food preparation. Animal husbandry within the city are banned due to current urban laws, but it still continues in peripheral villages.

While citizens still try to provide food from local producers, local farmlands are fragmented and eroded due to the expansion and intense urbanization of the city. The land is polluted, irrigation is a problem. Volunteer groups supporting local farmers and safe food production increase each day. So; the main question of urban agriculture workshop in April is to discuss the future of urban agriculture and safe food production sytems in sustainable city development.

Discussions on urban agriculture and circular food will include topics regarding sustainable urban farming techniques, community supporting such as community gardens, cooperative systems in local supply chains, alternative techniques to minimize environmental pollution on soil and water such as aquaponic systems.